Why Certify

Most medical practitioners get little to no training on addressing the root causes of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension during medical school.  Yet a large proportion of healthcare costs are spent on treating non-communicable diseases worldwide. That’s why a certification in lifestyle medicine can be valuable, by filling the knowledge gap that most medical practitioners have when it comes to treating non communicable diseases. This certification is offered by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) and gives medical practitioners an opportunity to become certified diplomats.

Who should certify?

This certification is for both medical and allied health professionals, who believe in Lifestyle Medicine principles as being the first line in the treatment of non-communicable disease.

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How to certify

Global Alliance and Certification

“The Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance  represents a convergence of health care professionals who connect and inspire one another to be an authoritative voice for Lifestyle Medicine globally; to manifest the vision of a world without non-communicable disease.”

This organisation provides tools, connections and collaboration to assist countries to set up their own lifestyle medicine based organisations. These country based organisations then continue the teaching of evidence based lifestyle medicine and advance the practice. ​

Please check the locations where the certification exams are held, the certification procedures and the eligibility criteria.