By purchasing this membership you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • Membership of SALMA does not confer a right to practice outside the scope of which an individual is already legally allowed to practice.
  • Members are to use evidence-based and safe interventions including nutrition, movement, sleep, social prescribing, mental well-being practices and health coaching, based on shared decision making and informed consent.
  • Lifestyle Medicine is not alternative medicine. Health practitioners choosing to utilise approaches outside of the aforementioned Lifestyle Medicine domains, including the use of supplements and herbal treatments which are not evidence-based, and energy healing amongst other alternative modalities, must be in accordance with their regulatory body, training and scope of practice and must not advertise these approaches as being promoted by Lifestyle Medicine.
  • Members are expected to adhere to the relevant code of conduct or ethics as would be expected of a registered/ accredited member of the health sector.
  • Members are expected to uphold the standards of professionalism and report to the appropriate regulatory body members whose competence or professional activity could adversely affect the welfare of patients or misrepresent SALMA.
  • Members who undertake research will ensure that it is ethical towards all human subjects and represent findings with complete honesty.
  • Members should not prescribe or recommend products or services from which they profit without full and complete disclosure of financial gain.
  • Members should not claim results unsupported by documented and verifiable evidence.

Adherence to these terms and conditions is a condition of SALMA membership and  members may be counselled or suspended based upon violation.


Membership Dues Refund Policy:

  • The purchase of a SALMA membership for new and existing members is generally non-refundable. The policy also applies to memberships purchased before a new member promotion for waived new member fees. Exceptions may be made for the following:
    • Members dissatisfied with their membership may contact SALMA to request a refund if the refund is requested within 5 calendar days of renewing membership. SALMA will review member benefits utilized and determine if a refund will be granted.
    • If, on the rare exception, future year’s due payments have been paid upfront, any future year’s dues payments that have been paid are not eligible for a refund and are not considered under the membership dues refund policy.

To inquire about a refund, please contact